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We are a liberal religious congregation and a dynamic, caring community. We value the inherent worth and dignity of each person, regardless of who you are or whom you love, your family or personal circumstances, or the path your faith calls you to walk.Learn More

Unitarian Universalism is an open-minded religion that encourages people to seek their own spiritual path. At UUFR, you can nurture your spirit and put your faith into action to create a just and compassionate world.

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UUA Stewardship Consultant's Report Is Available

The "Next Steps" report to UUFR from UUA stewardship consultant, Bill Clontz, has been posted on the new UUFR Members google drive (click here). 


Heart & Soul: "Whose Are We?"Discernment Questions

In our second series of “Heart & Soul” discernment conversations (November 6th through November 19th), we’ll be exploring our relationship and responsibility to those with whom our lives are inextricably bound as part of the interdependent web of existence y asking the question: "Whose are we?"
Douglas Steere, a Quaker teacher, says that the ancient question “who am I?” inevitably leads to a deeper one—“whose am I?—because there is no identity outside of relationships. To ask “whose am I?” is to the extend the question far beyond our little self-absorbed selves by asking “who needs you,” “who loves you,” “to whom or what do you belong,” “to whom or what are you responsible or accountable,” “whose lives are altered by your choices,” and “with whose lives is your own life inextricably bound up in obvious or invisible ways.”

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