Better Yet: The AIR around Us

The Assessing Institutional Racism (AIR) committee is working on two different ways of assessing where the congregation and our members stand on the antiracism spectrum. Our self-study will look at individual and institutional ideas and practices.

  • The first, the Rubric Assessment, consists of Zoom sessions where we ask participants to rate UUFR’s place on a continuum from simply being a Status Quo Congregation, to being a Multiculturally Aware Congregation, to being an Antiracist Congregation on a number of subjects. These Zoom sessions also are aimed at generating conversations about what an antiracist congregation looks like and how we might fulfill the goal of becoming an antiracist congregation in policy and action. Please watch for upcoming dates the workshops will be open to all congregation participants.
  • AIR also will be conducting Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessments of many congregants, especially those in leadership positions, in order to further assess UUFR’s current level of antiracism and discuss what UUFR hopes to accomplish in the future. To learn more about UUFR’s antiracism assessment work, here’s a link to the video of the April 30 Transformation and Liberation workshop.