Author: Congregational Administrator

Healthy Congregation Committee

An excerpt from the UUFR Policies & Procedures adopted by the UUFR Board of Directors

September 19, 2022

The Healthy Congregation Committee is here for all members of UUFR.
UUFR’s policies cover the following areas:

• Grievance Reporting and Whistleblower Policy 
• Additional Abuse Notifications Obligations 
• Alcohol Policy 
• UUFR Safe … read more.

From The President

Dear UUFR:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation from the UUFR Board of Directors and the role of President as of December 31, 2022. 

This is entirely due to a personal matter that has suddenly and unexpectedly engulfed my life and, along … read more.

Parking at UUFR

UUFR is a busy place these days, especially on Sunday mornings! Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to allow plenty of time to park and walk to the Sanctuary.

If the parking lot is full, you have several options.

The best option is to park in the … read more.

CSA 2022

Sign up now to enjoy tasty carry-overs from Summer into early Fall:

Bell peppers

Squash – yellow

As well as these additional tantalizing probabilities:


Peppers – hot

Squash – butternut

Sweet potatoes
Turnips and turnip greens
Chestnuts (plus roasting gala!)

May 2022 Social Justice Collection

May Social Justice Collection Benefits The Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA (RAFI) – This UUFR partner challenges root causes of unjust food systems. RAFI combines on-the-ground practical services with policy advocacy to ensure farmers have access to the tools they need to make the right choices for … read more.