Submit an Article for Publication

Please use the form below to submit an article for publication in UUFR's Order of Service or The Chalice (weekly online newsletter).

General Guidelines

It is your responsibility to get the proper announcement where you want it, when you want it there, in its proper form, and as often as you want it. When submitting items for publication:

  • Please fill out a form for each individual event.
  • For repeated items, rather than asking for your information to be repeated three times in the next three publications, prepare to fill out another form (an opportunity to make changes in the text to add interest) before the next deadline.
  • If the item is a revision of the event information sent previously, please say so in the comment section below.
  • Due to space restrictions, not every Order of Service submission can be included in the OOS.
  • The editor will not be able to send a confirmation email to everyone who submits an item for publication. Therefore, if you are concerned about whether the editor received your email item, please phone the office at 919-781-7635.


Below are some tips for writing an effective blurb. Make sure to include the following:

  • WHO — who is talking, who is sponsoring?
  • WHAT— what's going to happen and why is it interesting?
  • WHEN — the most important part; beware the typo.
  • WHERE — think about linking to a map if the location is hard to find.
  • HOW TO GET MORE INFO — email, phone number and website address (URL).
And keep these points in mind when writing your blurb:
  • Inlcude a title! A title is a few words that capture your event. It does not include the date, venue, or any other pertinent information - that's goes in your blurb!
  • Always write your blurb from a third person Point of View.
  • KISS - Keep It Short, Silly! The shorter and punchier your blurb, the more likely it is to snag a reader.
Deadlines for Publications:
Order of Service: Every Wednesday at noon
The Chalice (Weekly Online Newsletter): Every Thursday at noon
Please copy/paste or write your article you'd like to submit in the box above. Make sure to include contact information and the time/date of the event.
Please choose ONE publication you'd like your article to appear in. To submit for more than one publication, you complete another form and choose another publication.
Please upload any pertinent files here. Allowed file types: pdf, txt, doc, docx, jpg, png, gif.
Questions? Contact Jenny at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (919)781-7635 ext. 105