2022-6-12 Annual Meeting Final Notice

May 26, 2022

Annual Elections and Budget Meeting

Please note that our Annual Meeting will be held this Sunday, June 12, during our scheduled worship, both in the Sanctuary and also online via Zoom.  The meeting will begin at 10:30 AM ET and last approximately an hour and a half, including Q&A.

Absentee ballots are available on the Member Google Drive HERE. Absentee ballots are due in the UUFR office by 10:00 AM June 12. Printed copies are also available in the office.

All members and friends of the congregation are encouraged to attend, though only members are able to vote. This is an opportunity for us to live our 5th principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

Attending In Person

Members attending in person will check in as they enter the sanctuary and receive a numbered paddle which they will use to vote. Please plan on attending early to allow for time to check in.

Attending via Zoom

The link to join will be sent to members before the service Sunday morning.

Please join the meeting online by 10:15 AM so we may check you in and establish the quorum.

Members attending via Zoom will be shown a poll where they may select their vote. We trust the integrity of our members who sign in individually to vote only once.

If you are new to Zoom: a quick tutorial for joining a Zoom meeting may be found HERE.

Proposed Actions for the Meeting

Our by-laws state that at least 20% of our membership must be present to constitute a quorum to conduct business. The required quorum will be established Saturday evening, based on 20% of active members (approximately 450 members at the time of this notice). The total members attending in the Sanctuary and online will make the quorum.

Motion:  RESOLVED: The congregation accepts and approves the Agenda and Procedures

Motion:  RESOLVED: The congregation accepts and approves the minutes from the 2021 Annual meeting.

Motion:  RESOLVED: To appoint the Board to approve this meeting’s minutes at the June 2022 Board Meeting.

Motion:  RESOLVED: To approve the following members to serve on the Board of Directors: 

  • At Large Board Member:  Jessica Godreau
  • At Large Board Member:  Sandy Pearce
  • Treasurer:  Bryan Crouch 
  • President Elect:  Michele McIntosh

Motion:  RESOLVED: To approve the following members to serve on the Nominating Committee: 

  • Jerri Meisner
  • John McClain
  • Nelson Schmitz

Motion:  RESOLVED: The congregation approves the adoption of the proposed budget for FY2023.