Your choices can have a positive impact on the environment!

A monthly opportunity to learn, and perhaps adopt, environmentally friendly practices brought to you by the Environmental Justice Ministry Team (EJMT) at UUFR.

My husband, Warren, and I wanted to install solar panels on our house. However, we quickly learned that we have too many trees! We were told we needed to take out the trees. Feeling that removing healthy trees is counterproductive, we looked for other opportunities to support renewable energy.

We heard about Arcadia, a company that states on their website, “Our mission is to stop climate change by breaking the fossil fuel monopoly. Our technology is lighting a cleaner path forward for everyone, from everyday consumers and small businesses to the innovators building the next generation of energy products.” One of their programs allows us to pay our electric bill from Duke Energy Progress to Arcadia. The difference in our power bill and what we pay Arcadia supports renewable energy (wind farms). We don’t save money by paying our power bill through Arcadia. In fact, we pay more which is invested in renewable energy. Since we signed up with Arcadia, we have purchased 22,545 kWh of electricity and the premiums have been used to retire 22.5 RECs (Renewal Energy Certificates). This has averted 20,266 lbs. of CO2.

Rather than try to distill all the information from the Arcadia website and from the Careful Cents review, I will provide the links to the websites below. Signing up on the Arcadia website is quick and easy. The Careful Cents review provides good information which walks users through the sign-up process. I hope you will take the time look at these websites if you are like us and can’t install solar panels but want to make a difference.

submitted by Judy Keyes