Committee on Ministry (COM) Works on Quality of Communication at UUFR

The COM serves the congregation by creating a feedback loop between the ministerial staff, the Board, and the congregation. By improving the quality of communication, we can increase the impact of UUFR ministries on the congregation and on the larger community.

     Our next sessions will address past and current volunteer experiences. We are interested in three areas: recruitment, retention, and recognition. To be clear, these sessions are NOT intended to make decisions or to solve problems, but rather, to put into place an easy system for obtaining high-quality feedback; and we want that system to rely on healthy habits of interpersonal communication.
     Please watch The Chalice and Facebook for the dates of future sessions. Some will be in person, and some will be online. We encourage members and friends to participate in the sessions at some point during the year, since your voice is an essential part of the feedback process that enables us to continue to meet the needs of our congregation and fulfill our mission. 
     Members of the COM are Nancy Stone & Billy Liles (Co-Chairs), Dora Kripapuri, Irene Cygan, Rachel Wellons, and Sandy Pearce (Board Liaison).