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Inviting Families to Events with a Family Friendly Icon

In the Chalice you might notice a few events have a Family Friendly  icon.

As congregations grow it can become more challenging to nurture multigenerational connections.

At the same time there are event organizers eager to invite families with children and teens to their programs. The family friendly … read more.

Board Resignation and Opportunity

UUFR’s Board Secretary, Rebecca Marmaduke, recently resigned for personal reasons. We are
thankful for her service, and for the many improvements she brought to UUFR’s Board
documents and organization procedures. She will be missed and we wish her well.
Your Board is now in need of a new … read more.

Welcoming Freshta

Freshta is an 18-year-old refugee from Afghanistan who is in the United States by herself and will soon arrive in Raleigh.  Members of UUFR are working together to welcome Freshta and provide her with the support, guidance, and community she needs.   As you might … read more.

Mid-Year Review of UUFR Finances

Submitted by UUFR Treasurer Bryan Crouch

     First, let’s look at the revenue side of our finances. Of course, “revenue” means all the money coming into the church from pledges, cash donations, fundraising, rentals, and other sources of income. Pledge income is our biggest source … read more.

Announcing Your New Board Member at Large

Your Board met on 2/8 to address the difficult task of selecting one person from a pool of
outstanding candidates. We are grateful for the generosity and talent of these members, and for
their willingness to serve and support our UUFR community.

We are pleased to announce that … read more.