For Preschool to 5th Grade Children

Children and their families interested in a fun way to get involved with our Justice Ministries

We have many different Justice Ministries at Church:


Environmental Justice

Food Security

Immigrant and Refugee Justice

ONE Wake Organizing

Justice Response Team

Habitat for Humanity

With our Social Justice Passport, Families can explore our different Justice Ministries Events:

  1. Find a Justice action listed in the Chalice or on the calendar below
  2. Take a photo of your family at the event
  3. Share your photo next time you come to church in Sunshine Circle or Chalice Chapel to earn a sticker for your passport.

Collect stickers to celebrate making justice!

After 3 stickers your child earns a token of appreciation and in June we’ll have a special ice cream celebration for those who’ve earned 6 stickers.

How to Join

Passports are available for pick up in Chalice Chapel and Sunshine Circle on Sunday mornings.

You can join our email list to learn about opportunities by reaching out to Dana at

There are many opportunities to make Justice every month

Check below or in the Chalice for upcoming Justice action where children and families are welcome to join: