Lay Ministry

What Is Lay Ministry?

Having a tough time recently?

Are you going through a transition or experiencing a difficult situation in your life?

Would it be nice to have someone to talk to about it?

Lay ministers are volunteers in our congregation with special training in helping people who are experiencing transitions and difficulties in life.

Lay ministers offer an ear to listen, a hand to hold, and a heart to care.

If you have recently experienced a tough transition, loss, or crisis, consider contacting a lay minister today.

What should I know before my visit with a Lay Minister?

Your lay minister is a volunteer recruited and trained by Rev. James and Rev. Sasha to provide a special ministry of presence to people going through difficult times in life.

Although lay ministers are not clergy, social workers, or therapists, they offer a warm, compassionate space and a listening ear during life’s challenging times. As needed and wanted, your lay minister may also pray with you or offer partnered problem solving, but their primary role is to listen with a loving heart.

The Lay Ministry program is an extension of Rev. James’s and Rev. Sasha’s pastoral ministry at UUFR. This means that lay ministers will work with you on the behalf of and under the supervision of UUFR’s professional ordained ministers.

Your sessions with your lay minister are confidential, although basic information will be shared with Rev. James and Rev. Sasha so that they can ensure you receive the care that you need.

Please know, however, that all North Carolina residents, and especially people in helping professions, are mandatory reporters with regards to suspected abuse, exploitation, or neglect of children or vulnerable adults. This means that certain types of information that you divulge to your lay minister may not be confidential if you or someone else could potentially be in harm’s way.

If you would like to meet with a lay minister, you may reach out to one of our lay ministers of your choice on your own or contact Rev. Sasha or Rev. James for assistance finding a suitable lay minister.

Contact a Lay Minister

Lay Minister contact information is available in our Breeze database. You can also contact Rev. Sasha for assistance finding a Lay Minister.

Our Lay Ministers

William Smith

Eleanor Goodwin

William Devereux

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