Useful Forms

Joys and Sorrows Form: Use this form to submit a joy or sorrow to be shared during one of our worship services.

Space Request Form:  Use this form to reserve a physical space at UUFR, make set-up requests, reserve a Zoom room for a virtual meeting, or reserve a display table on Sunday mornings.

Communication Submission Form: Use this form for any of the following…

  • To have an event added as an upcoming event on our website
  • To submit information for The Chalice
  • To have information publicized on our main Facebook page
  • To have something appear on the Sunday morning pre-service slides
  • To have information updated on another part of our website.

Pledge Form: Use this form to make a pledge for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2024.

Feedback Form: Use this form to provide feedback to the Lead Minister and Board about any matter regarding UUFR.

Memorial Garden Form: Members or their family members should use this form to request to have a loved one’s cremains interred in our Memorial Garden or to have a loved one’s name inscribed on a stele.

Board Report Form: Board committees and task forces should use this form to update the board about their most recent meetings.


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Friday & Saturday: Closed

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